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Reply to this thread and post a screenshot of your website, a link to it, and a short description.


File: 1566099733332.png (14.74 KB, 125x102, catbus-index.png)

Am personally-comfy
>make sure you reply to it though and you dont make a new thread lol - mace
yeah i know how to use imageboard


Am personally-comfy again
my site epic
this site is also epic


File: 1566100158269.jpg (90.69 KB, 540x405, index.html.540x405.jpg)

I'm stuck in 1999 on GeoCities! I've made this time portal so you future people can visit my site.



File: 1566101693602.png (15.78 KB, 340x196, mace486.PNG)

Come check out my art, software, games, and more! => https://mace486.com


Nothing more than a personal website where I talk about technology and other stuff


File: 1566112543219.png (606.15 KB, 1680x1050, Screenshot at 2019-08-18 1….png)


File: 1566116639742.png (493.87 KB, 1440x900, madville.png)

A Time Traveler that went missing in 1995 made a website. This website isn't focused on anything particular.



File: 1566125698703.png (291.92 KB, 1543x973, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.PNG)

big work in progress site but im going to show my art, music, other stuff i create and just talk about personal stuff



File: 1566131009192.jpg (97.38 KB, 658x772, index.jpg)

Hey this is my site that I write pages about weird Japanese romance games for little girls. And it's just a general personal site as well.


File: 1566775949139.png (85.57 KB, 1440x870, lolwut.png)


2000s nostalgia, including old 4chan nostalgia. I have been on break from the site since March, but I will be returning to it very soon.

This is how my site looks in the One True Browser (i.e. Internet Explorer), by the way.


File: 1566798953911.jpg (128.9 KB, 1341x645, websc.jpg)

All of your websites are so cool and elaborately decorated… I'm super inspired! Here's mine. It's a major work in progress but coding it has been super fun



File: 1568691138523.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1006, sbbu.png)

Evangelion themed, various art pages + personal stuff, always under construction :)



File: 1570686049860.png (1.02 MB, 2880x1800, 191010.png)

My site is basically a personal database of different arts. Something similar to what Scaruffi does, but post-millennial and few words (and he doesn't hate the Beatles). Thanks Deepl for translating this.


File: 1572820139110.png (263.82 KB, 1041x785, skol.png)

skol here
This is my personal homepage where I post my art and music.
I've also just added a list of cool sites ordered by least followers (the opposite of the way page ranking works.) I want to keep the list updated to let people find neat and unusual things. I'd love to know about weird and obscure sites that you all have found.

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