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Sit back, relax, shitpost, and chat.
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This board has no particular subject and is just meant for chatting and posting.

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You have no fucking idea what youre up against

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Post a picture of your desktop down below! Here I'll start.


File: 1567062158748.jpg (590.43 KB, 1680x1050, desktop.jpg)

Windows 10 wrecked my shit with an update so I rolled back to 7 despite being no longer secure. At least 7 will not undo important configs on a whim for no good reason.


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am i doin it rite?


File: 1567948701352.png (1.58 MB, 2629x864, Screenshot (15).png)

sad moody wandows 10


completely agree brother, i don't know how anybody can stand using windows 10. it's not just buggy, it thinks it knows better than you and will undo or ignore anything you tell it to do.

i'm going to using windows 7 for as long as i possibly can and then most likely switching to linux


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>comfy bg

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yes, sorry about that.


will apologies save you, roger?

File: 1568691704569.png (335.08 KB, 471x366, firefox_2019-09-17_13-10-5….png)



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I was just fucked up, I was just down down bad, I had to tighten the fuck fuck up but I’m here for the crown crown- oh shit

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I want this place to be more active and I want to post something to further that aim but I'm not sure what to actually post about. So,

Hi Macechan how's it going folks? Been up to anything cool lately? Pic unrelated
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weoeoooeooooooo im here to post a nsfw haha woo weeee


if you're gonna advertise outside of neocities, uhhhhhhhh

get mods


I volunteer myself as mod tribute.


Holy shit guys i actually got mod!


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hooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee am i feeling toasty
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Also is having used NeoCities? Because I don't even know what the goddamn a "notepad" is



Having to watch serial experiments lain is a requirement for life.


But what if I don't want to watch it?


It's okay Anon I haven't watched it either and have no current plans to do so.


I will remain dead.

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the real
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Oh my god this video is golden




"Truly epic LULZ come from raids and invasions"
Oh my god how can this even be real.


Not gonna lie, Fox News actually did their homework that time. I was on 4chan /b/ when all of this was going down and this is unironically how we talked. It was stupid as hell.

The invasions were fun and were harmless 99% of the time though. Even when we messed with people's online accounts, we never stole sensitive information like financial data or dox.

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SODA CAN II electric hullabaloo

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